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Engineered for heavy duty work, hydraulic splitters
will outperform even large mounted impact machines.

Paving breakers and large mounted impact rams are limited to breaking rock or concrete in small pieces. Noisy impact demolition requires more energy, time and is usually more expensive. Using a Splitter, pieces of concrete as large as your equipment can handle are broken in seconds for removal. Working with this method can increase production and reduce costs. The method is quiet and direction of breaks can be controlled. Years of research and the use of hydraulic splitting on hundreds of job sites has proved this new method to be one of the most practical tools for demolition of concrete and rock. With a hydraulic splitter, the operator now has a very powerful tool at his command. With little effort, he can control the demolition as the job requires. The applications for the splitter are many, such as bridge decks, abutments, retaining walls, concrete walls, floor slabs, foundations, wall openings, reinforced concrete, rock and brick walls, locks, dams, culverts, road barriers and underwater demolition of concrete and rock.

How Splitter Works

The hydraulic splitter is powered by a 10,000 P.S.I. pump. The cylinder contains a control valve and a piston that moves a plug between two feathers. The plug and feather end is placed into a drilled hole. The plug moves down between the two feathers forcing them against the wall of the hole. When the tension increases beyond the tensile strength of the material, a split will occur. The entire operation of the cylinder is controlled by a single lever on top of the tool. The plug can be advanced and retracted with this lever. An automatic built-in valve reduces pressure after break.

Manual on Hydraulic Splitting Applications

This illustrated booklet describes many of the applications for hydraulic splitting for both large and small projects. It also shows the various drill hole patterns and sequence of breaks. Request your copy today, and call our toll-free number (800)-631-3816 to find out more information.

[Darda Hydraulic Splitters][Pictures of Splitters in Action][Equipment Specifications][Request More Information]

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