Cost Effective

High production rates. Low operating costs. Little training. No monitoring. DARDA Hydraulic Splitters are often the most economical rock and concrete breaking tool.
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DARDA Hydraulic Splitters are extremely cost-effective solutions for rock and concrete breaking. Due to the ability to produce massive, predetermined blocks of material, DARDA Hydraulic Splitters can outperform hydraulic hammers and blasting operations. The tools will break the hardest rock and strongest concrete with ease, much more effectively than even large hydraulic hammers. These extremely versatile tools can take on everything from high-production jobs to high-precision work. So whether you’re carving a foundation hole into solid granite or precisely trimming reinforced concrete, DARDA Hydraulic Splitters will save you time and money.
Safe Operation

No vibrations. No shock waves. No fly rock. DARDA Hydraulic Splitters are the ideal balance between productivity and safe operation.
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The use of hydraulic splitters eliminates many of the risk and safety concerns associated with hydraulic hammers and blasting, including fly rock, shock waves, damage to nearby buildings, undesired microfractures, and compromising sensitive utilities. When in high-risk or close-quarters situations, DARDA Hydraulic Splitters are the answer to rock and concrete demolition.
Simple, Reliable, and Durable

Tired of costly hammer repairs and operating costs? Ditch the downtime and use DARDA Hydraulic Splitters.
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DARDA Hydraulic Splitters are simple in both design and operation. These traits save money with little operator training required and easy, low-cost maintenance. DARDA Hydraulic Splitters are extremely reliable and durable. The special alloys and designs that DARDA and ELCO incorporate into their tools leads to extremely long service life and easy change of wear components, far superior to competing products.

Darda Rock Splitters are Cost Effective, Safe, Simple, Reliable and Durable.