Cylinder Overview
Cylinder Overview

DARDA Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitters offer a unique solution to conventional demolition and excavation work. DARDA Hydraulic Splitters and ELCO Hydraulic Power Units are extremely robust and effective demolition tools that will save time and money on projects. From solid bedrock to reinforced concrete, DARDA is the answer. Click on a tab below for more details on the product.

C9 Handheld Splitter

The Darda C9 is a medium sized splitting cylinder. The C9 splitter is well suited for demolition of concrete, rock, and production work in sandstone formations. The cylinder is exceptionally good at the demolition of non-reinforced concrete, applications in confined spaces, demolition of slabs, and secondary splitting of rock. The cylinder is also best suited for underwater demolition due to its light weight and high power.

Order Elco Part No: -9

IMPORTANT: Splitters must be lubricated with ELCO LUBE-PASTE. Failure to do so will result in premature wear and tool failure.

 Technical Data

Hole Diameter

Hole Depth

Effective Force


1-3/4 Inches

18 Inches

220 Tons

50 Pounds


C20 Carrier Mounted Splitter

The C20 is the largest Darda splitting cylinder and is designed to be used in conjunction with a 5-7 ton excavator. The cylinder is mounted to the carrier using one of four different methods: chain, carriage, and two different types of rigid mounting configurations. The C-20 is extremely well suited for ledge work and larger trenches, and is effective at removing large blocks of rock.

Gas Hydraulic Power Unit
Air Hydraulic Power Unit
Air Powered Hydraulic Power Unit

The Elco air powered hydraulic power unit consists of an air motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic reservoir, and pressurematic valve, all contained within a compact package. The air motor requires 50 to 80 CFM at 100 PSI. The air must be clean, dry, and lubricated. The Elco air powered hydraulic power unit is well suited for remote sites where large air compressors are readily available.

Order Elco Part No: 02

Conversion kits are offered for quickly changing between air, gas, and electric power sources. Units are shipped dry. Oil capacity is 5 gallons. IMPORTANT: Splitters and hydraulic power units MUST use Shell Aero Fluid #4 or ExxonMobil Univis HVI 13.

Electric Hydraulic Power Unit
Elco Accessories
Elco Accessories

Flowbar Manifold: Run up to five C-12, C-9, or C-2 splitters from one Elco Hydraulic Power Unit. A Flowbar Manifold is outfitted with quick disconnects that are mounted to an aluminum distribution block with up to five sets of 10-foot hoses. Flowbars can be ordered with 2, 3, 4, or 5 sets of lines. Each set of lines ordered will come with quick disconnects on one end so that the manifold can quickly be plumbed in-line with the hydraulic power unit.


Use of a Flowbar Manifold will not reduce output pressures or effective force delivered by the splitter units. Flowbar manifolds are used for high-production and high-precision work where all tools are installed along a line and used to create connecting breaks or break loose extremely large blocks of rock. The use of a Flowbar Manifold is recommended over multiple individual power units and splitters.


Elco Lubricant: Elco Lubricant is required for use of the splitters. Lubricant is packed in ½ and 1-pint cans and shipped in cases of 12.