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Downloadable PDFs

Historic Publications

Publication Date Description of Publication
Partial or Complete Bridge Demolition Using Hydraulic Splitters.pdf 1989 Contains specific information about projects involving concrete bridges.
Hydraulic Splitters for Demolition of Concrete and Rock.pdf 2011 Overview of hydraulic splitters and handheld cylinders.
Operating Instructions for DARDA Splitter.pdf 1998 Instructional overview on operation of the hydraulic splitters.
Hydraulic Splitting: A New Method for Breaking Rock and Concrete.pdf 1999 Contains specific information about various types of projects and how to use the tools in various situations.

Current Publications

Publication Date Description of Publication
Informative Overview and Product Guide.pdf 2018 Overview for end-users, especially those who are new to hydraulic splitting.
Service Manual and Operating Instructions for Hydraulic Splitters and Hydraulic Pump System.pdf 2017 Overview for end-users, dealers, and service technicians. Contains overview of operating instructions and maintenance procedures.
C-20 Spec Sheet.pdf 2018 Overview guide of the C-20.
C-20 Product Guide.pdf 2018 Mounting and specifications guide for the C-20.